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Pune Upcoming Projects

Luxury and Affordable Flats is still a pain point many home buyers face when hunting for their ideal house. Often due to rising prices, as the demand keeps on increasing, choosing luxury or affordability in a flat puts home buyers in a dilemma. They find themselves comprising one for the other as getting luxury and affordable houses is very difficult and rare. Unicon Pune comes to your rescue in such a case. It prepares luxury flats in affordable price. Why choose one, When you can have both? With projects set across the city, Unicon spoils the customers in terms of choice. You can choose one of the Unicon homes based on your suitability without letting go of luxury in affordability. All these flats are well connected to the prime utilities of the cities from malls to hospitals and from airport to bus stops. Unicon ensures all its houses are very luxurious in essence.It stands by its promise of luxury in affordability. The residential complexes have been embellished with modern facilities of security, parking, power supply, gymnasiums, swimming pools, theatres and other recreational facilities. It never neglects your comfort. The complexes are designed by keeping luxury in affordability at the core of Unicon’s value. All of these amenities can be availed at Unicon group, Pune at a very affordable price. Therefore, if you ever find yourself stuck between choosing luxury and affordability, choose Unicon because we believe luxury flats in affordable price is every house owner’s right. .

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