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Unicon Group entered the construction arena in Jan 2014 after enjoying a strong foothold in the textile business for over three decades. The real estate projects by the group in Pune city have not only initiated a trend in the architectural segment but have also continuously catered to the demands of Pune residents. The philosophy of the Unicon group has always focused on being people-centric with the basic desire of constructing homes of excellent aesthetic and architectural value that bring people of different communities to live together.


  • Everything that we do is through systems

  • Everything that we do is with excellence

  • Everything that we do is in detail

  • Everything that we do Constructs Confidence


Our vision is to build a world where its residents are cocooned in an atmosphere o f positivity and purity. Our constructions are poised to meet the future–ready and culturally diverse India.


To create homes, which can give highest degree of quality at affordable pricing, which have been designed with customer need as their focal point.


We have collaborated with those, who we match, our ideologies with, in order to create homes that are luxurious in its setting yet humble at its pricing. Our partners only make our efforts stronger. Together we aim to fulfil the purpose of the budget never being a barrier for buying a quality home in Pune city.

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Mr. Nilesh Agarwal
MD, Unicon Group

When you buy a Unicon Home you are assured of one thing, that there is an organization which is taking care that you are delivered the finest home at the most affordable price. Our passion for making houses meant for everyone is what drives us, over making profits. Whenever a person is buying an affordable house, we believe that he/she should not compromise on quality, specifications and amenities. He is also privileged for the same benefits as a person buying a luxury home without compromising on the budget. We are committed to create “Luxury in Affordability” which is Unicon’s pioneer concept. We are constantly evolving our technology and infrastructure to provide better buying experience for our customers. We rightly describe ourselves as the Real Estate Doctors as we initially understand the customer’s requirements and then provide a solution parallel to none other.

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